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                  People Productions is proud to make as its contribution to the first annual Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape.  On August 6-9 The Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival brings together Four Days of 30 Theatre Artists performing 200 Shows at Six Different Venues in Salt Lake City’s historic Sugar House District.

                  Krapp’s Last Tape, directed by Linda Brown, with Richard Scharine in the title role, will be performed on four consecutive days at the Fringe Factory Main Floor Theatre (2234 Highland Drive):  Thursday, August 6 (9 p.m.); Friday, August 7 (1:30 p.m.); Saturday, August 8 (4:30 p.m.); and Sunday, August 9 (7:30 p.m.).  Tickets for Krapp’s Last Tape and all other Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival events can be obtained at the Fringe Factory Theatre box office and at Westminster College’s Jewett Center for the Performing Arts.  For complete Festival information, go to the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival website (

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                  In Krapp’s Last Tape a recluse intellectual sits alone in a dilapidated room on his 69th birthday, recalling with a tape recorder the important events of the past year.  But is he alone?  In preparation for his present account Krapp is listening to the tape he made when he was 39, during which the writer describes listening to a recording he made some 10 or 12 years earlier.  As we listen to the man at three different stages of his life, we gradually become aware of a pattern of repeated mistakes and wasted opportunities for happiness—self-delusion, weaknesses recognized, but never conquered, and, most important, the sacrifice of personal relationships in service of a Great Idea never accepted by the public, and long ago rejected by its creator. 

“What remains of all that misery?  A girl in a shabby green coat, on a railway platform!  No?”



Krapp's Last Tape   

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We have a talkback scheduled for "Sunset Baby" by Dominique Morriseau. July 18th directly after the matinee performance (performance begins at 3:00pm). JOIN US!

Sunset Baby - July 2015

Rehearsal Photos and Friend us on Facebook!

Hello Everyone, 

Over the next week, we will publish some fun candids from our currently-in-rehearsal production "Sunset Baby" by Dominique Morriseau.

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Meet the cast of “Sunset Baby”

In preparation for our next show, Sunset Baby, we wanted to preview some of the amazing talent featured in the show.




William Ferrer (Kenyatta Shakur) has lived in the Salt Lake City area for about 15 years.  He has spent much of that time teaching in the city's schools.  Ferrer has also performed as a storyteller in the region.  After years away from acting, he returned to theater in 2002 and has performed with Salt Lake Acting Company and Pygmalion Productions while, of course, doing the bulk of his work with People Productions.  William has also appeared in a number of feature and independent films shot in the area.  He plans to continue acting and directing in both the theater and film mediums while helping to facilitate the growth and rising profile of People Productions in Utah.







M_Johansen_headMichaela Johansen (Nina) This is Michaela's first production with People Productions.  She is a budding new actress born and raised in Utah. Before she set her sights on acting, she has been working as a Graphic Designer. Michaela has always enjoyed writing and is currently working with local directors and producers to get a new web series up and rolling.

Aside from being on stage, Michaela is testing the waters in front of the camera as well. She has participated in the recent independent short film Futurum, a commercial for a local App company, as well as work as an extra. She is very excited to be a part of this innovative production, as well as working with a fantastic director and cast mates.

















Calbert Beck (Damon) grew up in Salt Lake City, and teaches first grade in a local school district. Cal's recent stage experience was with the Murray City Arts Council's musical "Down In the Dumps", as Mr. Pinkle. He would like to thank his family for letting him take the wonderful opportunity to work with People's Production, and the cast.












For more information about our production of Sunset Baby, please click here.

Film Audition

SpyHop is producing a short film, "On The Outside."



DATES: June 22 & 24

Please call or email to schedule a time but walk-ins will also be welcome @ Spy Hop (Corner of 500 West and 200 South, SLC)

**Please bring a monologue and be prepared to read lines

Film Summary:

Exonerated after doing 30 years for a crime he did not commit, Doug struggles to adapt to a seemingly foreign world. He is left to decide whether he can find his new place or if he will find himself back in jail.

Character Descriptions:

Douglas DennisonHispanic or African American/African. Around 6 feet. Slightly bald. Bigger build in body mass. Older looking, around 50 years old. Gray hair.

-doesn't like crowded places

-doesn't like to make eye contact

-takes everything seriously

-convicted of rape and murder, because of which, he was staying in a single cell without cell mates

-draws on his free time

-very influenced by the bible and may quote it

-speaks loudly, almost in a confrontational way

-always on the move, feels weird if he's doing nothing outside his room(cell)

-He is slightly prejudice against anyone who isn’t of his color

-doesn't openly and readily speak about himself

-seems to want to hide information

-hard attitude, but is attempting to make a change.

-talks in a thug like tone.




Thomas StewartSlightly older age, around ages of 40-50. Articulate with his speech. Dresses in suit and tie. Possibly a good amount of facial hair. Around 6 feet. Caucasian. Civil lawyer sent from Douglas's criminal lawyer to help with the transition out of prison and set up a living environment for Douglas with the money he got from the court settlement.



-short female

-ecstatic attitude

-younger age



INTERVIEWER #1: Carry – Female hiring Manager for a Call center customer service representative.


INTERVIEWER #2: Mike – Manager for custodial work at a office building.


-thick mustache

-older with gray hair


INTERVIEWER #3: Joel – Shift Manager at Burger World.

-nerdy and slightly younger looking



-Older man

-any ethnic background 

-dirty beard

-deeper voice

-labored worker

-family man


Prison Guard: Caucasian, Male


Police Officer #’s 1&2: One taller and one shorter. Both Caucasian.


Crook: Dark skin, around 5 to 6 feet. 




Payment: 10 dollars an hour with a maximum of a hundred dollars a day. Shoot Dates: July 6-12


Contact Celina Crane:


First Scene- On the Outside

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